Reviewing an unbranded Colorado favourite today, this is Tahoe OG.

Sometimes I have pictures of the location the strain or cultivar is named after. Never been to Lake Tahoe, but I hear it’s nice.

Buyer Motivation

Strain name


Milky trichomes appear more prominent with the amount of trim left on the flower. Stem is more prominent than actual bud fascia. Looks like unkempt lowers with a few good features.


Outwardly dry but still tender.


Gassy pine that brushed against a funky rot. The earths have more of a hollow tone, dry and chalky.


tastes are gassy pine, but to get there you have to pass through a thin layer of lavender floral notes, which continue into the earthy tones that create the bottom of this profile. There’s a slightly soured manure note that accompanies this profile that skews the tastes slightly.

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $4.43; definitely into the value end of the spectrum, where you’d be wise to exercise more diligence to determine the quality of your purchase.


The skewed tastes leave the impression here, there was something off about this flower. Otherwise the Tahoe character shows through, there are just better ways to see it.

Consumer Benefits

Everything is contingent on the skewed tastes. If you can get through them, then the benefit is price. If not, then there is no benefit.

Consumer Pains

The skewed taste, dry feel.


Name, price


Vendor type

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