Looking at Qwest's Blendcraft Sativa shatter today, a half gram package. BUYER MOTIVATION Was also trying a cheaper option VISUALS Good, looks clean. Nice balance between opaque and transparent. Leaves very little residue after use. FEEL Can be hand loaded SMELL No smell TASTE Little or no taste at all. VALUE Costs

Reviewing a wax product here. This is Qwest's sub-brand Blendcraft, and the product is called Sativa Wax. Review Protocol This is the first wax review I've performed. Just going to give sensory analysis, no price analysis. Also not going to use the Volcano

Today we continue our quest with Bhodi's Goji OG, by looking at one produced by a company called Qwest. Also called We Grow BC, which isn't as slick if you ask me. LINEAGE Quick check on the lineage for Goji OG, it's

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