Vkush Update on the previous post, where both sprouts were growing in a peat puck. Calgary has been getting some cold weather lately, so much that I can't put plants outside. Had both sprouts near a window, and they got long in

PARKLAND FLOWER Since the last entry on these two seeds from Parkland Flower, I've placed the seeds into peat pucks, labeled them, and returned them to the heat mat. They'll sit for a few days, until I see roots emerge through the

V kush Update on the previous post where I just went over the purchase and unboxing of these 1:1 seeds by Parkland Flower(Parkland Flower V kush 11-2). I chose to germinate 2 of the 5 seeds. Waited a couple of days before starting

Flower V Kush Checking out Parkland Flower V Kush this summer. The listing notes this is a phenotype of Barney’s Farms Violator Kush, which is typically THC dominant. These seeds are 1:1(More), so they should produce plants that make even levels of

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