I haven't reviewed Acreage Pharms in a while, here I am back with one of their better ones, Paradise Seed's All Kush. Two notes to make here: Quality is poor overall. You can see it in the photos. For the scent and

Here we go with another Sensi Star review:   From Paradise in the '90s, it's a relic. Loved by friends and cougars, damn near Tom Selleck.   Forth review, my interest is all feign. Past popularity, re-runs, Dr. Fraiser Crane.   Sensi is indica, might make you lazy. But

Short review today. This is a Hempfest 2019 entrant, didn't place, I rated it average and it doesn't appear to have cannabinoid testing. Guess on Cultivar This is the only one that I was able to guess blindly. Don't pat me on the

Zenabis' version of Paradise's Wappa disappoints slightly with subpar visuals, but makes up for it with respectable quality and a pleasing performance in the upper ranges of the Wappa profile. Checking out a Wappa today. If you're unfamiliar, this is Paradise's

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