Thanks for reading today's review, it's just a quick look at one purchase I made, but didn't put a full review together, so it's written in retrospect. And while we're outside the constraints of a formal review, I'll do a header

Today we review what is my second review of a dry sift retail product, this is Wagner's Choice dry sift. The formal name of this product is THC Kief- Wagner's Choice GE. I think the name is not in reference to

The olfactory characteristics of JWC's West Coast Sour Diesel fail to surpass the visual compromises or, meet the expectations set by their price point. Figured I'd go back to the summary sentence; rips it off like a band-aid. Today we look

At $9 per gram, JWC's Shishkaberry GE offers standard flavours in fair magnitude, but the visual compromises make it difficult to validate the price point. Today we review JWC's version of Shishkaberry. No source information is given in the listing, instead

This is my first review of retail dry sift. I'm going to use my usual review protocol, with reduced specificity, providing non-comparative observations mostly. For reviews of this product type (non-melt dry sift) I have to change the equipment I use.

Checking out White Russian, by JWC. I've been going through 20 or so dried cannabis offerings in the last couple weeks, using and writing about each in the order of my own personal interest. This White Russian is my second to

I first encountered Terpedo at a Cannalysts podcast summer 2019. I had been invited to participate in a blind olfaction test that the Cannalysts were hosting. Each contestant brought two different types of cannabis flower and tried to guess what

I track certain stats on the Cannabis cultivars I grow, this explores some of them. Hover/tap any data point for the narrative behind it. We summarize cultivars by two measures; yield and time. I also use an estimate of the area

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