I first encountered Terpedo at a Cannalysts podcast summer 2019. I had been invited to participate in a blind olfaction test that the Cannalysts were hosting. Each contestant brought two different types of cannabis flower and tried to guess what

I track certain stats on the Cannabis cultivars I grow, this explores some of them. Hover/tap any data point for the narrative behind it. We summarize cultivars by two measures; yield and time. I also use an estimate of the area

Across the board, JWC's production of Dr. Greenthumb's Big Laughing is simply superb. I've reviewed 4 cultivars produced by JWC so far. I'm beyond impressed with the quality-- whatever they choose to grow is well done. This Big Laughing is my

JWC's production of DNA Genetics' Holy Grail Kush offers an attractive value proposition with a qualitatively superior product, priced at a reasonable level. Diving right in to the Holy Grail Kush today everyone. This is a DNA Genetics cultivar produced

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