Looking at a live resin product today, this is Aurora's San Rafael '71 OG Chemdawg. The description calls this a hydrocarbon extraction, butane or propane is a typical solvent for this type of product. And it's a live resin, which leads

So one morning, I'm browsing the Alberta Cannabis website and I see few Indica/Sativa products were listed as Miracle Alien Cookies. One was Daily Special, as well as a few others. Probably should have known it was an error, but

Reflecting on the review for this intro, I want the $6.50 single gram price point to happen; I'm receptive to it. Aurora's Banana Split doesn't make stellar numbers, but it does have an enjoyable flavour profile, my sentiments on it are

Looking at Aurora's Gummies today. These were purchased at Omkara in Calgary. Here's how this review went. I bought these, and took some photos of them while thinking 'wow, these look like they taste good'. So I ate one. Turns out,

We're checking out Summer Fling by Aurora today. Some summer flings are great. There's a song, and a carnival. John Travolta may be involved, Olivia Newton-John might show up in those leather pants. Compared to a charade like that, this is

I'm going to start tracking data from my rosin presses.  With enough data, I can start to build a model that can estimate the potential return yielded by the press I use. And if I press enough cannabis where the content

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