Welcome to the 5th White Widow review I've done.  This one is by 7ACRES, a product that was available since the start of Canada's legalization, I just haven't seen it until now. Visuals I'd say the visuals are above standard. Buds are full

The 7ACRES Wappa maintains the quality seen in the higher priced product and delivers it within ~10% of the market average price. This offering hits the high points for visual appearance and is an interesting rendition of Wappa's appealing flavour

Today we talk about 7ACRES' offering of Jean Guy, a version which defines the upper ranges of price and performs similarly in quality. We touched on genetic lineage in yesterday's Aphria Jean Guy review, we'll hit the high points here. Jean Guy's

Today we're talking about Sensi Star, one of the most popular and common cannabis varieties available from Canada's legal producers, which is exactly the reason I've been looking forward to reviewing it. Bred by Paradise Seeds, Sensi Star is touted by

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