Hey pancakenap here, doing Table Top’s Sticky Buns. I also see listings for Superflower’s Buns n Roses with Sticky Buns in parenthesis, so I’d speculate this flower may also be sold under another brand as well. 


The lineage is given as Gelatti x Kush Mints. Tried to find a breeder on this one, but I couldn’t, so let’s just look at the constituents a few generations back.

Kush Mints is a Seed Junky cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints.

Gelatti is a Gelato crossed with Biscotti, aka OG Biscotti, this is supposedly by the Cookie Fam. Biscotti is a Gelato 25 with a South Florida OG Kush.

The South Florida OG has a pretty interesting story on Seedfinder, in which they mention about 20 times that it is not the same as Triangle Kush.


I called visuals bad, for the bud size, trim and stem. In retrospect that might be too harsh. You might be able to call the looks ok, depending on your level of generosity, but they aren’t good. Buds are medium sized. Although small in size, there’s a fair bit of trim leaf left. Surface detail is pretty favourable, the buds look well developed up close.


Feel is firm but the buds can take some force. Id call it good.


Smell is neutral earth with slights of flat fruit that bring a freshness to the profile.


Tastes are begin earth. Somewhat cool, very soft with sweet edges that turn towards unripe, bitter fruit. Has the feel of banana bread. Much of the character is subtle, the sweet earths don’t hit the palate prominently. However, the secondary fruits are noticeable which brings some structure to the profile, but it feels hollow, I’d say.


I bought this at Value Buds. Paid $19.97 for a 3.5g package, or $5.71 per gram. The price is attractive for the package size and pretty fair for what you get I’d say.


I felt the flavour profile was rather bland, but the olfaction was well done and the character seems widely likeable. Price feels appropriate. 


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