Today we have another autoflower entry from TCLEWSI. TCLEWSI; we may be small but Instagram has already shadow-banned our hashtag! Again it’s Squid Pants writing for you today as Pancakenap had to finish securing the compound he is building for what he swears is not a cult.  I would have argued but what do I know about life in Alberta?

Today’s offering is Sweet ‘n Sour from Mephisto Genetics.  The grower related that they wanted to try autos, see if they are for them or not and their research led them to choosing this breeder.  They also got some auto seeds from Night Owl Seeds who are affiliated with Mephisto.  That other entry from Night Owl, Mango Sunrise, won first prize.

This entry was mid-pack and before this contest I would have been shocked by an auto making it to even that high a rank.  I am often wrong in many things and am not afraid to admit I was wrong here.  Looking back at my comments on it I was not a fan of the tastes on this but was impressed by its magnitude and separately by the flower’s appearance.

My associate would mention that you will never get to try these unless you know the grower, but although that’s true I have included breeder info in case after reading one of these you wish to find the seeds yourself and try giving any one of these a grow.  It won’t come out exactly the same, each seed is unique, but you can see what a group of people actually thought about the plant here.  If you just check listings and reviews at seed banks or directly from the breeder you get their cheesy ad copy, along with some reviews which could have been written by or on behalf or the breeders if positive or by competitors if negative with no way to discern which was a truthful take.  That said no one at nor anyone who participated in The Clew in any form endorses any of these genetics or breeders. Caveat emptor.

Now on to the stats.

Review Protocol

For these reviews, I’ll be providing my own comments side by side with pancakenap’s. We’ll show our respective rating for each entry, and how far it was from the contest average decided by all the judges.

Qualitative data for each entry is also shown summarized:

  • Combustion Rating – How well it burned on a 5 point scale
  • Potency Rating – How strong you thought it was on a 7 point scale
  • Longevity Rating – How long the effects lasted on a 7 point scale
  • Anxiety Rating – Amount of anxiety felt, 7 being the highest
  • Stimulation Rating – Sedative to stimulant on a 7 point scale

Notes on the grow from the grower

Sweet ‘n Sour

As mentioned above this was mid-pack.  More specifically it placed 6th out of our 13 entries.  Aggregate scores can be misleading though, this was in fact a divisive entry with scores all over the board.  Four judges were big fans and included the entry in their top three.  Two judges put it way down at number 10 but none lower than that.  Regardless of rank all comments had a positive skew even if negatives were included.  Negatives mentioned were few, one or two complained the flavour lacked magnitude, and the harshest thing I said was I wasn’t into the taste combo.

The taste was unique to the point where 7 judges outright didn’t even try to guess the lineage.  Two judges guessed Blue Dream.  Why?  No idea, I mention an MSG like taste and that’s pretty alien to Blue Dream’s profile but my gustatory system is unique to me so I can’t say they are wrong.

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