Welcome to pancakenap, a compromised palindrome, and it wouldn’t have the same kitsch if I called it pancaacnap.


Looking at Sweet Jesus today.

This was entered in the Hempfest Calgary 2019 cup. Don’t know what it is. This entry did not place, but it was one of my top picks. I can still remember why it stood out to me, it was the taste.


Guess on Cultivar

I could only call this an impressive OG cross, but I couldn’t place which one. There’s definitely something else involved with the OG tones, I found it entirely complementary.

I tried to look this one up, couldn’t find this Sweet Jesus. My best guess stems from the TGA Subcool cultivar Jesus OG Kush, which is a Space Queen cross.


Visuals weren’t the greatest but the olfaction was top notch. Wish I know what this actually was.

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