It’s Squid Pants here and I’ll be judging the founder of this website.


Supertron is Stinky Dog x Strawberry Surprise x Zkittles.  I know Zkittles, but the rest are a mystery to me.  I tried finding more info but I failed to find out why the dog stank and I have no idea what the surprise is.  I am familiar with many smells that can be emitted by a dog and am confident that stinky is a state all dogs can achieve but I have my doubts about the ability of strawberries to set up very complicated, if any, surprises.

This was bred by Humboldt Seed Organisation but seems to have been discontinued.  If you are interested in growing Supertron after reading this then hunt down some old stock before they are all gone.


This was grown by Pancakenap.  You know him as the founder and main contributor to this website.  Which he is.  Not sure what I can actually add here.  So. . .ummmmmm. . .do you people like. . .stuff?

This was grown in a nutrient film set up, which is what Ricky always used in Sunnyvale trailer park.  I consider this a positive point.

For a little more about this plant and the grow this bud came from he was kind enough to log it elsewhere on this site.

Looks, Feel, Scent & Taste

Looks to be some nice colouration here and I would think the plant put on a bit of a show near harvest.  Trim is all I would expect from homegrown, imperfect but better than a lot of full priced offerings in the retail market.  Pulling a bud off the main stem there is great trichome coverage on display here as even the central stem looks potent.  Humidity is spot on, however this was stored with a humidicant pack by me before sampling so this is not unexpected.  Some good return upon compression but density could be higher.

Scent is berries, but to me closer to grape than to strawberry before grinding.  Upon grinding the profile becomes more complex as citrus zest with chocolate comes out.  That said, taste is more like citrus peel with parmesan cheese.  Not a huge fan of cheese tastes in my weed but here it’s not obnoxious.

Closing Comments

This was very nice and I’m appreciative that I got a chance to try it.  One of the nicest things about being a home grower is sharing and trading with friends.  You get to try a few hidden gems like this one that you pretty well would never find for sale in stores.  Big thanks to Pancakenap for sharing this cannabis and thanks to you for spending the time in reading this.


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