Super Silver Haze x Sugar Punch

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This was my first review, and in retrospect, I was too hard on it. But I didn’t have anything to compare it to at the time. So if I could go back, I would have rated its olfaction better and I would have been harder on the visuals.

None the less, this entry placed. Twice. And the person who won, didn’t attend to receive their award or prize. Which is a bad-ass move that never goes out of style, in my opinion.

In terms of this being a good pick for a contest, I’m not certain. It’s a niche selection, I didn’t recognize it. Surely there’s value there, I’d like to try it again now that I know the lineage. Do you want to choose something recognizable for a contest? That’s what I am uncertain about.


There’s this cool movie with Jet Li where he travels to alternate universes to kill his alternative self, growing more powerful with each one, it’s called The One. Which is also where I’d start to tell the story of this lineage, with The One, and a Blueberry Sativa crossed to a NYCD, Killa Queen cross (Cinderella 99 x G13, same lineage as Vic High’s Killer Queen, but Killa Queen is bred by MotaRebel).

Sugar Punch is The One crossed to a Super Silver Haze, bred by Sannie’s Seeds or just Sannie. Many of Sannie’s cultivars include this, I assume, same Super Silver Haze, which may lead you to the probable assumption that this is entry is Sannie’s incross within the lineage. But I was unable to confirm this based on Sannie’s offerings, or from any breeder for that matter. My best guess is this is a freebie from Sannie, but it could also be a backcross done in house by someone unrelated to the breeder, or even this grower.

Guess on Cultivar

Like I mention in the review summary, all entries were unknown to me, and I gave my best guess on each one. I wrote ‘skunk type’ as my guess for this, which is not at all right, nor is it the worst guess I make during this series.

Thanks for reading this one, see you in a week for the next.

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