If you were to ask me who bred Super Silver Haze in casual conversation, I’d tell you it was Green House Seeds. But with a quick search, I can find 17 breeders offering something called Super Silver Haze, and I’d bet my bottom dollar there are many more to add to that list.

Seedfinder quotes Arjan of Green House in saying he received Super Silver Haze and Neville’s Haze from Nevil Schoenmakers, but I can’t find mention of this on the Green House web site. But it’s enough for me to change my tune in casual conversation. And now here we go with Super Silver Haze, bred by the late, great, Nevil Schoenmakers, (but the one we review here is probably from someone else’s breeding house).

Calling Super Silver Haze popular is an understatement, in the late ’90s and early 00’s, it was fundamental. That’s the reason I’d suggest for the number of synonymous offerings, many breeders have hybrids based on Super Silver Haze, and they also offer the parental generation.

Sannie is the example I’ll use, as they have many SSH hybrids and I’d say there is a 50/50 chance that’s what we have here in this review. The other possibility I’d mention is Elv8 Seeds. We’ve seen entries from both breeders in this contest.


This placed 8th for judges rating, and I’m not surprised. I selected my personal top 5 entries, this wasn’t one of them, but I rated it well above average on The Cannabis Sommelier’s 100 pt scale. 

Cultivar Guess

I guessed this was a Neville’s Haze or Jack Herer, which is one of the closer guesses I’ve made. Someone more enthusiastic about hazes would have likely been more precise, but I’d say I was in the right ball park.

cannabinoid Content

Total cannabinoid content was 21.8%, which is a fair amount higher than the contest average. Had 1.3% CBG as well, which I think is notable, but that might just be conditioning from looking at legal market listings that only show THC and CBD. Overall it ranked 6th of all entries.

Check the review out below.



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