Super Mario CBD by Gastown

A relatively unknown cultivar, Super Mario CBD offers a wealthy flavour profile despite its rougher appearance.

Some reviews I have knowledge of the cultivar before writing the review, this one is the opposite, it is difficult to find information on this Super Mario CBD from my usual sources. For this review, we’ll go through the sensory observations and guess at a lineage.

The buds of this Super Mario CBD are conical but maintain some density. Because of the packaging, the buds I received are flattened and aren’t really that attractive. The trim on these buds is left a bit longer in places and barely trimmed in others, it looks really leafy.

The Super Mario CBD flowers have a scent of sweet vanilla citrus with some spices playing secondary. It interprets really sweet and bright which is nice for a daytime CBD cultivar. Pronunciation is ok, nothing exceptional and no complaints.

Moisture content is good, although the visuals on this cannabis are quite low, it demonstrates some tactile quality rarely seen. Density is high, the buds are compact. You can pinch it very tightly and it will give some, but will return to pretty much the original shape.

Up close, it looks really good actually. No seeds, hairs, fibres or anything really to note. You do get a good close up of all that trim, but otherwise there are no areas of concern.

I’d call the flavours of this Super Mario CBD gym sock citrus. Stay with me here, it’s actually pretty attractive, not loveable, just pretty attractive. But that’s just my opinion, you may like gym socks. Much of this profile rests on a mix of spiced woods and dank musks. Edges of citrus flavours outline the profile but do not overtake the musky lows, which pull this profile to a deep harmony. After some use, the profile balances the citrus and wood flavours to create a really nice flavour with notable longevity. You could use this in a vaporizer multiple times and still get decent flavour. The flower’s scent is sweet and fruity, but this cultivar surprises with lumbering musks and spicy earths.

I have no idea about the genetics on this Super Mario CBD, I thought I would have have a better idea of what it could be by this point. It tastes unlike many well known CBD cultivars, there’s no Cannatonic here, could be some Harlequin but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were something else I’ve yet to discover for myself.

The price of this Super Mario CBD is $15 for 3.5 grams, which is $4.29 per gram. This is a good example of decent quality, value cannabis from a dispensary. While the tactile quality was high, you’ll notice little difference in visual quality between this and the low cost licensed produced offerings from Aphria or Tweed we just reviewed.

Perhaps the only issue here is the Super Mario CBD lacks lab testing, but this makes for an interesting comparison at value price points. The difference per gram between the lowest price offering from the Alberta Cannabis store ($8.71 per gram) and this Super Mario CBD is $4.42 per gram, more than 100% of the price of this cannabis. What’s lab testing worth? To the producer, a lot less than $4 per gram, I think. And for a consumer, it’s worth a lot, especially for a CBD cultivar.

So there you go, Super Mario CBD, we learned very little about the cultivar specifically. This particular offering has an ok flavour profile, lazy looks and its best feature is an attractive price point. There is no lab testing, which throws a huge damper on this whole thing. So, like a ’90s sitcom, we’ll close this episode out having learned nothing, with little, if any progression. Lab testing matters and value is good. See you next time.

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