Hey pancakenap here today with another review of a Canadian gummy product. This is Sunshower Mango Tangerine, which is a Dynaleo brand.

Gummy Reviews

For these gummy reviews I grab one offering from every brand available on the provincial online store (that I haven’t seen yet).

I take photos of everything and a dietician summarizes the ingredients, while noting anything interesting.

From there I make a few observations while consuming the gummy. Finally I note the price and content of this gummy against what I can find from recent listings of unlicensed gummy products. 

  • 13 ingredients
  • 3 sweeteners: glucose, sugar, apple juice concentrate
  • Beef gelatin, acacia gum. Corn starch
  • Natural flavour (tangerine oil, natural flavours)
  • Artificial color (sunset yellow FCF)
  • Coconut oil
  • preservatives: citric acid, sodium citrate

Interesting element on this review was the inclusion of beef gelatin. We looked back at the ingredients list for all other gummies reviewed, including the ones also produced by Dynaleo, and none were listed as containing beef gelatin. 

I asked if a producer is required to disclose the source of the gelatin on the ingredients list and the dietician responded no, that gelatin products are exempt from component declaration.


The sugar coating feels wet, and looked wet when it came out the package. The gummies has a rubbery feel, they’re chewy, but I couldn’t say they are more, or less chewy than the rest of the Dynaleo gummies that didn’t list beef gelatin as an ingredient.


Taste is tropical, both the mango and tangerine flavour are perceptible. Tangerine masks some earthiness at the start.


Price was $7.49, or $0.75 per mg of THC.

In a scan I did of over 647 listings of unlicensed gummy products I found the price was $0.36 per mg of claimed content, on average, or 52% less than the price of the Sunshower gummy.


Contains 10mg THC over 5 gummies making for 2mg on each piece.


Strong tropical tastes.

Contains beef gelatin. Other products may too and this is the only one to mention it. Gelatin products are exempt from component declaration.

Typical Dynaleo shape and feel, with granulated sugar.

Content is 10mg THC like other Dynaleo packages, but contains 5 gummies.

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