Tweed’s Sunset pre-roll demonstrates excellent olfactory properties despite containing a small amount of seed material.

There are three main notes to take from this review. This Sunset smells fantastic. It is more expensive than its competitors. I feel there is less seed and stem than pre-rolls I’ve reviewed previously.

We review Tweed’s Sunset pre-roll today. I know little of this offering. I have not yet reviewed Sunset in flower form, and would prefer to hold much of the observations until I can review it in that form. For now, Tweed notes the contents of this Sunset pre-roll is indica and contains 23% THC.

When I open each container in the light box, I notice the presence or absence of smell through the top of the box, usually noticing it more with home grown product or larger quantities. It’s rare for me to smell 1 gram of licensed produced cannabis through the top of the light box, but the scent from 1 gram of Sunset was prominent.

Furthermore, throughout the filtering time, I would stop to smell this flower. It’s a lovely composition with mature woods varnished with pine oil. Sunset really won me over and is my list to try when it is on sale, or available in one gram packages.

Procedure on this review was similar to the CannTrust Fantasy Island pre-roll review. The paper was removed and the contents were photographed. The material was weighed and placed in a filter box. Over a period of 4 days, the filter box was shaken gently and placed underneath a vibrator. Once it was filtered, the material was weighed seperately and subjected to a vaporizer for 120 seconds.

I was able to filter about a third of the total material. Unfiltered material weighed 0.3 grams and the filtered material was 0.6 grams with 0.1 gram attributed to the scale’s error.

The seed and stem component of the unfiltered material looks small. You can look back to any previous pre-roll review to see there is combatively little stem included in this Sunset pre-roll. The seeds are small and fairly numerous. I’d still say there is comparatively less here as well. Looking at the photos, the stem material is much smaller, so it might have a finer grind, which could be a reason I notice less stem.

By my visual estimation, there is between 0.05g – 0.15g of seed/stem in this pre-roll, 5-15% of the original contents. The seeds are small and the stem included isn’t very prominent. Much of the unfiltered material still contains green flower material.

I’ve ran both the filtered and unfiltered material through a vaporizer for 120 seconds. I just let them vent to the room, vapour production looked really good on both. For both groups vapour production was still ongoing when the 120 seconds was over. Initial weights of the filtered and unfiltered material was 0.6 grams and 0.3 grams, respective. Both sets lost 100mg of weight after 120 seconds in the vaporizer (0.5 grams and 0.3 grams of final weight respective). In this step the filtered group is expected to lose more weight than the unfiltered group. I didn’t use a scale accurate to the hundredth, so we have a higher degree of error in the data. Both sets lost the same amount of weight, despite the filtered group being double the mass.

I wouldn’t recommend Tweed’s Sunset, it’s another pre-roll with seeds. But also prudent to mention, I saw potential here. In terms of the amount of unwanted material, this pre-roll included less.

Even with the evidence of potential, this is still the most expensive cannabis cigarette with seeds I have encountered so far. I can find Sunset flower available in 7 online stores, but I can only find this pre-roll product in Alberta (priced at $14.99 per gram). I’ve added the average price per gram for the store on the graphic below. At the time of writing, this Sunset pre-roll is priced 23% above average for 1 gram of pre-rolled cannabis.

This is the 7th pre-roll review I’ve completed, haven’t found one I would use yet. All were purchased from the Alberta Cannabis online website. I’ve reviewed pre-rolls from the following producers, I found seeds in every single one:

ProducerTitleBrand Product Category 
AphriaAlien DawgSolei Pre-Roll 
TweedSunsetLBS Pre-Roll 
AuroraIndica BlendAurora Aces Pre-Roll 
CannTrustFantasy IslandSynr.g Pre-Roll 
OrganigramCasa BlancaEdison Pre-Roll 
StarseedSaturday AfternoonSaturday Pre-Roll 
OrganigramProhibition BlendTrailblaizer Pre-Roll 

I’m sure they’re are good pre-rolls available, I just haven’t met one yet. My advice for consumers of these products is to empty some of the contents out the open end of the pre-roll onto a flat surface. Use the flashlight on your phone and look really close. The seeds I usually see are so small and numerous you’ll need good light, but you wont need much cannabis.

A vaporizer is another way you can protect yourself, if you find a seedy pre-roll you can just pop it in.

At home concentrations are another way you can recover the active material, run it through some coconut oil on the stove. I use a small sift box to filter these pre-rolls, you could use the same thing. Much of the seedy bud that I find in these reviews I filter in a larger tray for pressing into rosin.

Consumers of pre-rolls might have to exercise some leniency, but there should be a reasonable expectation of product quality. Where that line lies is up to the individual consumer.

Thanks for reading! This pre-roll was purchased from the Alberta Cannabis online store, check this review summary of all dried cannabis purchases from the store.

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