Hey pancakenap here, with some greenhouse flower. This is Sunkissed’s version of Sorbetto, bred by Aficionado Seeds.


I’m unfamiliar with Aficionado Seeds, so I’m going do a quick look up on them, feel free to come along if you like.

Here’s their website. Looks European, but I suspect they’re American. Features some leather furniture my significant other would trade me out for.

I see some of their seeds listed as ‘Aficionado French Connection’ on some of the major seedbanks.

Seedfinder shows a run down of their offerings. By my eye, there are several that contain a Zkittlez x Magnum Opus cross, which appears in the cross we review today.


As per the vendor, the parents are Zkittlez, Sunset Sherbet and Magnum Opus, in no particular organization. 

The Magnum Opus is worth looking at. Seedfinder says it’s an f10 containing Sour Diesel, Purple Kush and an Afghani. The post mentiones the cultivar was worked by a breeder called Mandelbrot, and later continued by Leo Stone. 


Vendor is Hill Side Pharms on this one, and they disclose this is greenhouse grown flower.


Visuals are great. That’s an easy call, I think most consumers would be able to verify this visually. Size is ideal. All of my buds appeared to be top colas or the smaller nodes that came beneath the tops. Colouring has shifted to the yellow tones, but there is still a good distribution of green and purple on these buds.


Buds are firm and feel crisp with resin.


Scent is sweet earths with warm spice. Profile pronounces poorly, it is not overly pungent.


Tastes are gassy earth with a sweet pine finish. Secondary notes of varnish give some reach to the top notes of the profile, making it feel bigger than it really is. Character is primarily sweet, but contains enough secondary notes to give it great dimensions. It’s delicious.


Price on the half ounce was $50, or $3.54 per gram. I haven’t ran the value calculations yet but the price is low and quality was positive in every category; this feels like a very good deal.


This is one of the better quality greenhouse offerings I’ve reviewed. Genetics were cool. Olfactory quality could have been better but the profile made up for it. 

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