Hey pancakenap here, with Sunkissed’s version of In House Genetic’s Blunicorn.

This is cannabis grown in a greenhouse.


As per the vendor’s listing: Unicorn Piss x Blue Sherbet. Breeder was In House Genetics.


Colouring is dark green to near black purple. Size is great. Structure is great. Surface detail is wonderful. I wasn’t able to find a hair or bug but I did find one single seed.


Good feel. The buds are more knuckly with less thickness but they have kept their moisture content well.


Scent is fierce acetone with a proteinous mid-section. Stale blueberry curbs the sulphurous fog that defines the low end of the profile, which tends to overtake the entire profile. The vaporous high side, with the old blue tastes bring this GMO cross to new character.


Tart blueberry encapsulates the flavour profile, providing a tart/sweet frontage before a gritty mixture of sulphurous gas. The leave is near mentholated soiled citrus, which is somewhat refreshing. Character is complex, not all attractive, but very likeable. 

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