Hey pancakenap here, with an Afghani, grown by legacy brand Sunkissed.

Synopsis of this review is the flower is good quality greenhouse product with an interesting lineage.


As per the vendor, the lineage here is Afghan Kush x OG Kush


Probably one of the better looking Afghan Kush crosses I’ve encountered on this website, the buds were long and thick. Rumpled with a jagged on the topside and trimmed well on the underside. Colouring shifted towards the auburn hues, both the greens and oranges were brown-ish. One of my buds had bananas, or was intersexed, which you can see in the pictures.


Good feel. Buds are very well structured and plump throughout


Scents feature dry, funky woods, with an herbal bite before a pine tail. Funky character is reminiscent of a Northern Lights. Profile stays in a small space, is detailed but not loud.


Taste profile is a soft lavender frontage, with oily pine with new wood backer. The oil stretches out with spiced earths on the backend, making for grittier leave. Changes with each puff, seemingly decreases in magnitude each time.


There was room to do better in the olfaction but at its foundation, this is good looking greenhouse flower priced at $3.54 per gram. With respect to some of the current reviews I’m writing, the price feels pretty fair for the quality. I tend to use this review as a comparative price point for other reviews. Coming up, you’ll definitely see worse quality for about the same money.

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