This review is part of the second set of gummy reviews completed March of 2021.


All reviews were completed within an hour of each other.


I make comments on sensory elements of each. And I’ve summarized comments from a registered dietician who viewed the ingredients of each.

Dietetic Comments
  • 11 ingredients
  • Organic ingredients where possible
    • Was this more expensive because it was ‘organic’?
  • 1 sweetener: cane sugar
  • Pectin
  • Natural flavour (not specified but presumed Wildberry concentrate)
  • Natural colour (no specified but presumed Wildberry concentrate)
  • Oils: Canola oil, MCT oil
  • Preservatives: Trisodium citrate and citric acid
    • Could also contribute to flavour

Cube, or box like gummies.

Two in count, not uniform in size or shape

Very dark in colour.


They arrive with a wet feel, you need to wash your hands after


Firm mouth feel.

Tastes are tart berry with deep sweetness,

Zero cannabis tastes

Gummy Consumer Report

Check out this report that covers gummy products from a consumers perspective. Topics like market average prices, and brand coverage by province are discussed. See it here.



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