Summer Fling by Aurora

We’re checking out Summer Fling by Aurora today.

Some summer flings are great. There’s a song, and a carnival. John Travolta may be involved, Olivia Newton-John might show up in those leather pants. Compared to a charade like that, this is more back seat make-out session, were both parties have braces and 9pm curfews.   

Fling is the operative word here, and it appears to be a good description of the product quality. It’s some homely looking cannabis, flung in a jar.

Summer Fling has some good colouring. Otherwise it’s scant and stemmy. Upon release, Aurora positioned it as a value offering but I can’t say I observe value when I look at comparable offerings in the market.

Petiole is the small stem leading to a leaflet, and you can count a number of these in the pictures below. I don’t see them often with this prominence. When I think of a poor trim, this is pretty much what it looks like. 

DNA’s Tangie is great. Summer Fling is listed at Tangie in a few stores, but I wasn’t fully certain this version captured the iconic taste. To be honest, I remember it closer to Aurora’s ‘Banana type’ cultivar.

I can wrap this using this simple sentence; the break in price doesn’t correlate to the broken quality. And that’s fine, lots of people are doing it. Aurora’s got it here at $8 per gram (~3% less recently). I’ll save my energy for those doing it at $13 per gram.

Some assembly required. You do the work to deconstruct the forrest from the trees, you could have an ok time with this. Not an $8 per gram time, but an ok, you got me once, kind of time. 

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