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Growing King Jack here, this is by, Subcool’s The Dank, TGA Subcool, or just Subcool.

I knew of Subcool through High Times, but I really didn’t get to know about what a prolific creator he was until I became a medical patient. Aurora grew a lot of Subcool in 2016-2017, and I really got to like his stuff through them. Wasn’t long until I was buying his seeds and growing his stuff myself.

Now that he’s passed on, I really treasure his stuff, and wish I would have purchased more when they were readily available. So I’ve taken stock of what I have, and am making a point to grow them out.


King Jack is a Royal Phoenix against a Jack the Ripper. The lineage is complex, so I’ll do it in parts.

Royal Phoenix

Urkle x Chernobyl (also Subcool). Chernobyl also contains Jack the Ripper, which I outline below.

Jack the Ripper

Jack Herer x (Pluton x Lambsbread x Purple Haze x Northern Lights)

Grow of king jack

Growing this plant from a clone. The mother was selected from a package of regular seeds, and grown in a DWC hydro setup. Clones were taken throughout the vegetative phase.

The King Jack mother was flowered with a male, Caramelo by Delicious seeds, which is their selection of Soma’s Lavender. When harvesting the resulting seeds, I found this King Jack made cylindrical buds that are scented with spice and lemon.

The clones taken during the vegetative stage were transferred to a NFT setup for flowering.

Grow Chart

Below is a Gantt Chart that tracks grow timeline for this plant.

To be continued

I’ll be back as this gets going. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m trying a new setup and new fertilizer for this grow, so might be back with good photos, or a sad story. 

Check the photos, this plant is already looking more yellow on the top leafs, which isn’t being exhibited by the other plants in the system. So I’m going to try a touch of Cal Mag to correct it.

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