Strawberry Jager, grown by Kootenay Craft

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Learning about Strawberry Jager today everyone.

This cannabis comes from a vendor called Kootenay Craft. They’re out in Nelson, BC. They website says they maintain close relationships with a group of medical growers in the region, offering their products through the website. The vendor offers cannabinoid content but no actual testing certificate is included with their products.

I’m not sure what a Strawberry Jager is, or what makes it special, but it looks really good. We better find out about it before the review.

The vendor’s description calls this a cross of their pure bred Jager, to a ‘Strawberry’. I’m not sure what the strawberry counterpart is, but we can look into Jager.

Jager is a West coast cultivar, some say it’s derived from Hindu Kush, some suggest that it’s a Blue Dream, LA Confidential cross from Oregon. Supposedly named after Jagermeister liquor, the cultivar’s flowers are supposed to have a full bodied flavour profile rich in deep musks, tobacco and sweet licorices.

We saw the Headbanger from this vendor, the detail given was scant, at best. This Strawberry Jager is worse. The cultivar’s name is hand written on the lid, in gold sharpie and that is the sole marking on the container. I suppose this is ‘craft’ practice but I’d like to know the specs.

Visuals are phenomenal. Legacy market folks may call this ‘magazine quality’. The largest bud is 3.75 grams. The trim looks meticulous, I can’t hardly notice an errant leaf under the trichome coverage. It’s marvellous.

The buds feel fantastic, some outward spongey give with good internal density. It’s right where it needs to be.

I’m really favourable on the consistency of the grinds, there’s a good demonstration of cohesion and the smell released is wealthy. The light green hue of the ground flowers tend to contrast against the proto-seeds contained in the flower. They’re not abundant, but they are noticeable.

Scent of the unground flowers dip low into musky leathers and deep tar/tobacco notes. Rough earths and pine round out the bottom of the profile, most of the character here is occupied by the darker notes in the profile, causing it to seem somewhat masculine.

Flavours are delicate on the high side of this profile, expanding into fragile florals through pleasant fruit notes, but it’s very fleeting. The low side seems everlasting in comparison, resinous woods bound to leathery musk, has the rustic feel of wearing leather chaps while trotting a horse on a hot summer’s day, I’d imagine.

Price for this offering is $10.71 for the smallest package size available (7g). This vendor offers pricing benefits which can bring the price down over 35% for bulk purchases (~$6.75 per gram). In the legal market, I’d expect to pay $15 to $20 per gram for this, about 50-150% more. On ounce purchases, this price disparity is well into the area where a customer could buy this untested product and have it tested themselves, for cheaper than what you would pay from a legal provider. So, there you go.

Checking stock status over time for this offering, there is less detail to chew on here.

Strawberry J├Ąger, what a specimen, was lovely to risk my life on.

Canada’s black market cannabis is the good looking person at the party, snuggling up to you way too early, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, ‘don’t worry, I’m clean‘. You look too good to be true, I need to see testing. But hey, who am I kidding? Look at how gorgeous it is, I don’t care what my Dad thinks, I want that inside of me.

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