Like both of the previously reviewed Starseed products, this Jack Here Pre-Roll also has numerous seeds and lacks any detectable olfactory character.

Today we review Starseeds’ Jack Herer Pre-Roll. We’ve reviewed the whole flower version of this offering, feel free to look back, it contained seeds. Not surprisingly, this pre-roll also contains seeds. I’ve purchased three items from Starseed, all three contained seeds.

There is an unboxing video for this review. Check it out to see how the outer and inner packing looks. I also show the weigh in and the photography process. I found the weight lacking a negligible amount (0.1g, degree of error on scale).

This Starseed preroll was $13 for this 1 gram of cannabis, it is one of the more expensive pre-rolls I’ve reviewed. For something this low quality, $13 per gram is excessive. The cannabinoid content for this one gram package is about 12.3% THC.

The preroll was constructed using a bleached paper and bleached filter. I removed the one gram contents, weighed it, photographed it and placed the contents back in the original container.

For the rest of this review, we’ll look the pictures of the dried cannabis contents contained within this pre-roll. We’ll note some seeds, but not all the seeds. Hope you don’t mind if we don’t take the time required to fully explore all the seeds offered by this particular Starseed product.

Alright, here’s a wide view of this seedy ground bud. You will likely notice several, large, mature seeds. If you don’t, worry not, we’ll zoom into them in the upcoming pictures.

Next we zoom in to see some seedy close-ups. You’ll notice two fully mature seeds poking out of the green foliage. This is their natural environment, so both seeds seem docile and unafraid.

We’ll zoom in further to another location, you’ll see we’ve caught this seed outside of the brush cover offered by the dried cannabis. Somewhat alone, this seed looks nervous and isolated.

Next, we see a seed hiding behind a large stem, possibly using it as cover. Likely, the family of seeds contained in this pre-roll has become aware of our observant presence.

Lastly, we’ll show a seed that has become separated from the pack, possibly because it is sick, or unable to keep up with large amount of seeds migrating through these grounds. We can only hope it heals properly and is able to join its hermaphroditic brethren, so it can find water or get South before winter hits.

There you go, another Starseed product. Every single product I’ve purchased from this producer has been affected by seeds. I’ve used this Jack Herer flower before, it was characterless junk. These Jack Herer pre-rolls contain even more seeds, which even more disappointing.

Again, this was $13 per gram and serves as a good example of what overpriced garbage looks like. Be sure to look at Starseed’s products really well, make sure all the buds are inspected carefully, especially if you are going to smoke it. Remember if you pay more than $10 per gram, you’re really paying about $5 too much. Consumers should carefully consider if they want to risk purchasing a poor quality, arguably usable product that this producer reliably sells.

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