Checking out another one of Squid Pants’ grows here.

Genetics & Grow

This is Wold of Seeds’ Our Origin Collection, Wild Thailand. They sell this as a 100% Sativa from the islands of Ko Chang. Flowering time is between 65-90 days (~9-13 weeks). Outdoor height can reach 3 meters, indoors it’s said to be capable of half that. 

Squid grows indoor in Ontario, using auto-pots and LED light. If you follow Squid on Instagram, you saw he gave this plant very little vegetation time, flowering it almost immediately.

Breeder’s description claims the smell and flavours ‘will show you Asia and effects will take you to the temples of Bangkok’, and after a year stuck at home, I’m willing to go along with that claim. 


Visually, the flower is stunning. Morphology is generally conical, coming to a shaper peak with a wider base. Colouring stays in the green tones, complimented by orange stigma. Up close the trichome detail is near flawless, forming a crystallized matrix along the jagged surface of the flower.


Feel is soft and plump. I’ve had it for weeks and the buds are still tender, breaking off the stem with a crisp snap, and producing fluffy grinds.


Scents are uplifting creamy tropical fruity, curbed by pine, and dampened further oily earths. Depth of character is really in the earthy, oil mixture, which takes some influence from the softer pine notes. 


Taste is pine centred, with secondary notes of flat fruit and soured grass. Stemming outward from the central notes, the profile has multiple edges that touch into spiced wood and green herb that spans from cool cucumber to hot eucalyptus. With use, the woods give way to showcase the dimension in the green herbal tones, which is quite deep. Character occupies friendly territory, but its persistence is intense. The way the eucalyptus herbal tones work the spices, the effect is undeniably cerebral.

Thoughts on the Thai

This was the first Thai I’ve ever had, thanks to Squid Pants for providing the gift so I could see it. I was really interested in it for two reasons; to see if there were some similar tastes with OG Kush (which has Thai in it), and to see if I could handle the effects (woodsy hazes jostle me).

First, the profile is pine heavy, with some resinous spice that might hit the palate familiar. But with both OG Kush and this Thai, each profile has its own set of supportive tastes, so the spicy pine interprets different in each. They’re familiar, but not really similar.

Second, the way the pine comes together with the eucalyptus and spice, both taste and effect are obviously, and relentlessly upward. I take a half a volcano bag and feel perked, I take the whole thing and begin to feel overstimulated. So a little goes a long way here, and I found myself using it sparingly because of that. I’d tell you the effect doesn’t come from the composition of pine and spice, or the topside notes, but the lack of comforting notes on the low end, like comforting earths, sweet vanillas or soft lavenders. It’s all punches, gives no hugs.


Thanks to Squid Pants for another sample of some fine looking flower. You can follow him on instagram or twitter for pictures of his latest grows.


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