Reviewing another of Squid Pant’s submission here, this one is Northern Lights.

I believe this is a clone obtained from a friend of Mr. Pants. Throughout the grow he wondered if this was in fact a Northern Lights, a feeling which seemed to compound as this plant continued to flower into the 10th and 11th week.

This was sent in with the Thai, I had reviewed it initially, but didn’t post the review for a couple months. When the review was being finalized, I still had some of the cannabis around. So I thought I’d review it again, after about 90 days storage.

February 24 2021


Great shape with standard colouring; orange and green, with a healthy amount of trichome coverage. The surface detail is really good, appearing rocky and bulbous when you look up close.


Very soft


Comfortable earth characterizes the profile, touching borders with every other aromatic note. Pine plays secondary, against firm skunk that is rather unobtrusive, more supportive. Tertiary notes are spice and fuel, bridging towards the earthy center of this profile.


Tastes are skunk pine over smoothed earth, but the pairing is short, the pine takes over again as the profile proceeds to a fruitier edge, carrying the polite skunks with it. With use, the pines blend together with the earth, which keeps the fruit edge.

May 21 2021

Writing this review May 21, after the cannabis has sat in a jar at room temp for 86 days.


Visuals remain unchanged, no desaturation of the colouring, or browning of the surface.


Feel, the flower is brittle but has maintained its structure. Feel is firm, but the bud can be pressed through with enough force. The damage from the indentation doesn’t travel throughout the structure, I can destroy the midsection of the flower while leaving the proximal areas intact.


The smell of Northern Lights, keeping an eye out for oxidation, but there is hardly an off tone to speak about. The frontage presents a woodsy skunk, the seems to open in the sinus, making the profile seem bigger than it is. The pungent elements of the profile hold some fruitier elements, which brush up against the skunk tones to create a character similar to a ripe diaper.


Tastes of Northern Lights are sandy earth and sweet woods playing off a countermelody of floral resin, dripping with rosy perfume, the latter of which I find myself savoring. The profile is free and clear of dusty tones, which is a tad surprising to me for flower stored this long.


Many thanks to Squid Pants for another gift of his home grow.

Check him out here on instagram. Or all my reviews of his home grow.

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