Doing a third time around with Squid Pant’s rendition of Ace Seed’s Malawi.


Buds appear like they usually do; frazzled stigma pushing the outer perimeter past the violet and green flower beneath. Shape of the buds is conical, each about the size of a fingertip. 


Scents are spicy lemon, with a slight nutty oily backer. The profile is uniform and razor sharp, reaching high in the sinus with the citrus spice and dripping back down again to form the oily leave. Character is invigorating.


Tastes are oily lime and citrus rind, with bright aromatic wood and earthy spices. The profile has good dimension and good balance, all sections of the composition seem clearly definable and in harmony with each other. Character is perched, yet relaxed; like a sleeping cat on a maple windowsill.


I suspect this will be the last time seeing Malawi for a while. Squid has moved onto growing a Thai from World of Seeds, those posts are ongoing on their instagram at the time of writing this review. Big thanks for one last look! And thanks for checking out this post. 

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