Hey pancakenap here, doing a review of some Green Cush hash.

There’s also of good looking retail hash on the market and I’d like to start reviewing some of it. I don’t have a protocol, so I thought I’d do a trial run on a review using some Green Gush hash gifted by Squid Pants.

Hash Reviews

I use a Volcano vaporizer for all whole flower retail reviews, which doesn’t work well with hash. The density of the product won’t allow for the airflow required, unless I really thin it out, and break it up.

I feel like if I want to use this product properly, I have to smoke it. Which means I’ll have to mix it with cannabis, preferably the least amount possible, to get the fullest extent of taste from the hash. I’ll also choose the thinnest rolling paper for that reason.


I chose to use all of the hash Squid Pants provided (0.35g) in one paper. The 0.35g of hash was mixed with 0.30g of cannabis (Milk Runtz) and rolled with a Zig Zag Ultra Thin paper.

I’ve included a gif of the prep below. I performed this review side-by-side with a retail hash product, which you can see being rolled first. Squid Pant’s hash is darker brown, you can see it being rolled second.


Burn was uneven, some of the chunks of hash were left too large. I had to put it out in the first third and restructure the joint.

Due to the heat from the initial burn, the hash was soft and easy to spread around. Once I lit it again, it burned well and formed a good resin ring.


The flavour was strong and enjoyable. The Green Cush took over the taste of the Milk Runtz and even occluded the negative taste of smoking.


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wished I would’ve broken the hash out more in the joint, I think it would have burned better at the start.

One of my main points of enjoyment was the fact that the taste of the hash took over the taste of the cannabis, and the gross taste of combustion. I may use that subjective measure going forward: if all that can be tasted is the combustion, then the hash isn’t very good.

There was a to a 6:7 ratio of cannabis to hash, or 300mg of cannabis with 350mg of hash. And it didn’t burn so well. I need to break the hash up more, or reduce the amount I include in these reviews. Ideally it’s the former, so I can maintain the ratio of hash to cannabis.


Thanks to Squid Pants for providing the hash for this review. He also provided the flower that this hash as made from, so we can look at the tastes in more detail later. 



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