Hey pancakenap here, looking at the second part of Squid Pant’s Humboldt Seed Organization grow. This time we’re reviewing Green Crack, or Green Cush as we’ll call it.


This one’s from Humboldt Seed Organization. I don’t see it on their active listings anymore but seedfinder speculates on the lineage being Skunk #1 and an unknown indica.

While writing the North 40 Green Crack review, I found there are many copies that have been crossed back to other cultivars and unless you have a clone you can verify, there’s a good possibility its not authentic.

So, not sure what cuts the HSO version was derived from, best we can do is accept it at face value and look for some of the nuances this name is known for.


Buds are longitudinal, sharp at the apex. Furry with thick orange stigma. The surface detail appears rumpled but it doesn’t expose the seeds contained.


Scents are pine with a deep melon tone, it’s sweet at the topside and almost rubber at its depth.


Taste is like dirty melon encapsulated by new pine, with a sweet tart frontage  and a near-pepper finish. The melon note is flat and firm, permeating the entire profile, it shows up in the sweet frontage, and in the heat from the pseudo-pepper notes.


I find it more affirming than energetic. 


Thanks again to Squid Pants for providing the flower for this review.

Check over to a write-up on some hash Squid Pant’s created from this flower. Or to this OG Kush that grew alongside this flower.

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