Looking at Peace Natural’s Diesel today, this is sold under their brand Spinach.


Most visual elements are excellent on these buds. Size is miscellaneous, I received one large bud and several medium to small buds.

Trim is really good, except for one of the smaller buds. 

Appears well grown, buds are full and shapely, with good coverage throughout.


Feel is firm, most buds can take a good amount of compressive force. The ones that can’t take the pressure deconstruct with an audible crackle.


Scent is decent. The profile lends it self to projection, and even tickles the sinus with herbaceous pepper and pine. 


Components of this profile are icy citrus, pine, woodsy spice. Near haze like, or ghost train haze like. The leave is herbaceous, green and perky, near minty. Character feels complete and well pronounced, with a beginning, middle and end.


I paid $31.49 for this 3.5g pack, or $9 flat per gram, for this Diesel at Lake City Cannabis. I have no problem telling you I feel good about the price I paid, but you could make an argument about this a few ways.

Qualitatively, it’s excellent; not drastically so, but surpasses the mark.

Price is good, not great. Comparable to what you’d pay if you bought this direct from Peace Naturals 2017-2018, previous to legalization. 

Lacks some of the tertiary features beyond the purely qualitative, like breeder name or fancy packaging.

The argument for it lies in the space between price and quality. I think this gets consumers that don’t care about strain names but seek good looks and taste.

I could see some consumers being steered away by a $20 eighth with a brand name. Although I think not, if you could see both side-by-side.


Spinach Diesel, sounds like a European gas station owned by Popeye. Qualitatively, it’s safely above average, for a price that’s just below average. On the right side of the fence, not a steal of a deal, nor is it anything to get excited about, but it doesn’t disappoint in any category.

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