Checking out Dancehall, as produced by Peace Naturals, and sold under their brand Spinach.

This is a CBD dominant cultivar, it doesn’t make fabulous numbers but does have a likeable flavour profile. 

Genealogy for this cultivar shares some starting points with Cannatonic, but there are other cultivars involved not shared by the popular CBD dominant offering.


Done by Reggae Seeds, this is Juanita La Lagrimosa x Kalijah


Good previous experience with the producer, like the chemotype


Good overall. Rough trim. Interesting colours. Appears well grown with good coverage and surface structure. Bud size is medium to small. Smalls appear to be broken up from a larger bud, the surface detail is even large to small.


The buds feel dry if you draw your finger across the surface. Pinching it doesn’t destruct the buds, they demonstrate good return.


Scents have a creamy feel, that bridges notes of earth and pine, all of which are edged by earth tone spice and soft lavender. The composition isn’t overly loud, or pungent, but has good depth in the area it occupies.


Tastes are grassy earth with sweet corn edges. Slight herbal spice appear topside, which appear mentholated on the exhale. Tastes sum to a profile that doesn’t stray far from Cannatonic. Character is sweet and calm.


Price per gram was $8.28, or $28 for the eighth. I’d call this average for the province, but anything lower than $30 feels attractive from the consumer perspective, I’d say.


Leaves a good impression. The elements of high quality overshadows the low quality elements.


CBD dominant cultivar of good quality for an acceptable price, fair value on something less than mainstream.


Maybe the trim. Some of the buds were smaller and may affect the perception on price paid.


Not too many producers offer a Dancehall. I also think brand reputation is a driver here.


Cannabinoid content is lower, although that may not matter to people seeking this offering. There are also cheaper ‘balanced’ offerings.

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