Doing Aphria’s Sour Kush today, thanks for joining me for the review. Aphria sells this one under their Solei brand. They don’t call it Sour Kush, they call it Sense.

This will be the 3rd Sour Kush we’ve reviewed together, each form a different producer. Both previous offerings were disappointing and expensive. Aphria’s version of Sour Kush comes in a bit cheaper, so I’m hoping to find good value here.

Sour Kush is technically a Reserva Privada offering, an organization operating under the DNA Genetics umbrella, but many different Sour Kush-type crosses exist. So it helps to approach these with relaxed expectations.

Let’s chat stats on this offering before we get into the bag.

Active content on this offering ranges from 14-24% THC in the listing, CBD is negligible. The container actually arrived at 19.95% THC, slightly higher than the mean of the range.

The vendor’s description calls it ‘lively’ with ‘citrus notes’. Relative terpene information shows this as myrcene dominant, with fairly even amounts of limonene and caryophyllene secondaries.

Date packaged was February 21 2019, and we review it here live, 94 days later.

Alright, let’s check out the package.

Visually, it’s a bit underwhelming. The buds are small and pressed flat by the bag. Obviously deconstructed from a larger cola, the buds don’t win any awards for size or looks but are nowhere near ghastly.

Up close the buds are fairly good looking, dense with a good amount of sturdiness.

Tactually, these Sour Kush buds are dry, but the density is so good they don’t seem fragile.

Grinds look really good from up close, I found it difficult to find stuff to zoom into. Check it out.

Scent of these buds are quite fruity, but pronunciation is low and character brims with ambiguity. The stringency is low so I wouldn’t consider it a citrus frontage, more a bland hum of sweeter fruits with good expanse into the earth tones.

Heat brings out fuel tones tied back to some fierce pines, the OG influence is evident, ringing true of the character that makes this cultivar so popular. Tastes are manageable, there isn’t much grunt to it. As a fairly general (and inert) OG, this might be a good place for introductions to new cannabis users, but certainly won’t appease any aficionados of the lineage.

Pronunciation and longevity are both standard. Nothing exceptional, nor disappointing going on here.

Price on this single gram was $9.55, amongst the lowest in the store ( currently and at least 25% lower than current averages for single grams. The selection is arguably out of trend, and the quality isn’t anything to right home about, but it’s decent cannabis, available at a comparatively lower price. Which I think should command a certain degree of respect. Let’s check on how it looks elsewhere.

Prices look more expensive in my area of the country, but in BC, Newfoundland and Quebec this looks really cheap, prices are in the $5-$6 per gram range, which is amongst the lowest pricing I’ve observed so far.

Alright, Solei Sense, seems like utility cannabis to me, gets the job done but it’s not going to be a monumental experience. Still, the largest selling point is value, its cheaper than most and some prices are very attractive.

Thanks for reading, see you on the next one!

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