Sour Kush today. This is Reserva Privada, later DNA Genetics, later still, available via many copies; some synonymous, some not. Some in the latter category are arguably better. Is that what we have here? No idea.


I guessed this was a Wappa. Which I think is extra funny as both cultivars are very well known, and very different. And I was certain enough to name it in the public review. In terms of degree of error, it’s one of my best guesses in this contest.

Cannabinoid Content

Total content was about 13% on this entry, or a quarter under the contest average. Like the past Violator review, 97% of all cannabinoids were THC and CBDV appeared in the composition (0.04%).

Check out my review below. There’s a possibility I saw it, thought it was Wappa by Paradise seeds, and that’s what I saw in the olfaction. There’s another possibility this just smelled like Wappa.

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