Sour Diesel Lemon Urbn Leaf

Today we look at a Sour Diesel Lemon purchased from a Californian dispensary. I asked the bud tender to recommend a bunch of single grams and selected the names I hadn’t tried before, this was one of them.

Sour Diesel Lemon was the first thing recommend to me by the bud tender, on account of the high cannabinoid content and low price. This offering has 35.37% total cannabinoids and is rated at 30.14% THC and is priced at $10USD per single gram or about $13.44 in Canadian dollars.

The major motivator for this purchase was the numbers. Listed cannabinoid content in the online stores I track is about 17% THC for THC dominant listings only. If the numbers shown on this package are accurate, it’s near double the average content we have in Canada for a THC dominant cultivar. Keep in mind, most of these values I used are range averages so the actual value will differ, but the numbers shown are the ones consumers see.

Let’s move into genetics quickly. The short discussion is this could be a number of specific cultivars. My best guess is this is a Lemon Diesel, a cross of California Sour and Lost Coast OG, which is the most common return when I search for ‘Sour Diesel Lemon’. There is also a Sour Diesel x Lemon Kush available in this region from Dark Hart Nursery but I have no way of confirming what this actually is.

The producer of this cannabis was TML18-0002330, searching this serial number yields no results. Infinite Chemical was the testing lab, which is in San Diego.

Date cultivated for this Sour Diesel Lemon was November 29 2019, it was packaged just 13 days later on December 12 2018.

This particular gram of Sour Diesel Lemon came as two smaller and one larger bud. The buds have a lighter green hue, and are somewhat lacking in pistil coverage, I’d tell you.

The feel on this flower is excellent, these buds maintain great playability, I can’t call it brittle by any measure. I would imagine it would be chewy in a grinder.

Sour Diesel Lemon Urbn Leaf

Scent of the flower is charred rubber outlined by stringent citrus, it’s a flaring tire fire someone tried to extinguish with a lemon wedge. The flower blasts with its pronunciation, interpreting as brash and rugged.

Taste is full bodied in grimy diesel character with a lemon topper. Subtly sour-vinyl grace notes tie in the tastes at the edges, and seem to become more prevalent with use. Thrashing with aggression, the profile is ferocious in high velocity.

In terms of reported experience, I’m in the camp that thinks lower THC and higher terpene content is ‘better’. I’m skeptical that more cannabinoids also means more terpenes, I haven’t seen the correlation in the data I take. This Sour Diesel Lemon didn’t disappoint, but I’m more often disappointed by lack of taste, and not cannabinoid content.

I’m also a firm believer that lifestyle and consumption setting matters as well. All my reviews are written in the same place, with the same desktop vaporizer, save for these reviews from California, I took notes and did the secondary research on the cultivar later. I didn’t have a vaporizer or a grinder and was out of my element.

Price per gram on this Sour Diesel Lemon was $10.00 USD for the single package. Converted, the Canadian dollar price was $13.44 per single gram, comparable to what we pay in Canada but quality like this is not promised.

Check back to my review of CannTrust’s Diesel (Tailgate), I paid $12.00CAD for something that wasn’t a third the quality of this. Given the choice, I’d pay the extra $1.44 every time.

Sour Diesel Lemon Urbn Leaf

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