Hey there, thanks for joining me for the write up today. This one is on Aphria’s Alien Dawg, and they sell it under their Solei brand.

This one I suggest to you parallels the visual quality for what we reviewed yesterday, Redecan’s Cold Creek Kush. Maybe it’s not exactly parallel, but there about. Price on the Redecan stuff was better, but let’s just call them comparable because they’re both below my purchase average.

Olfaction differed between the two. Both in magnitude, or how intense the individual notes were, and in wealth, how many notes made up the composition. So while they looked really similar and were (kinda) priced similarly, the olfaction suffered greatly on this Aphria product and I placed it far into the unfavourable end of the index I use.

I also saw this Alien Dawg in a 3.5 gram package January 2019, and found similar results. The solace I can offer is economical, you can buy this stuff for fairly cheap. If you choose to do that, I hope you find a better time than I did.

I’m trying to be encouraging here. The lack of quality outshined the break in price, I’m not sure if the proposition is in the consumers favour. With that being said, the market needs a good Alien Dawg, and I think Tilray is the only other producer to offer one. So while this wasn’t it, I hope they keep coming back with it.

Thanks for reading this work, see you tomorrow for another.

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