Alright, looking at a supposed version of Maui Wowie today or as the producer calls it, Helios. This one is by Hydropothecary, who probably prefers being called HEXO nowadays.

Most of the cannabis media outlets call this a Maui Wowie, but I can find some listings to suggest another cultivar. Normally, this would take the wind out of my sails right away, but I’d argue the possible cultivar is a bit more nifty than Maui Wowie. So we’ll look into that for the review.

This is otherwise my first review of a HEXO product so looking forward to getting to it. I’m certainly aware of them. They are out of Quebec, are an early LP with renamed cultivars, mostly. A bit expensive, came out with some innovative products. And they delivered their cannabis in these chic glass jars, I think the box even came with a ribbon– but have never actually seen their cannabis.

One thing you want to note in this review, just as a general course of the maturation of our cannabis market, this is one of the first listings we’ve looked at that has a good bulk discount. I just spoke at Grow Up 2019 (crowbar that in), and found bulk discount averages for listings shown on Weedmaps August 2018 – April 2019 ranged from 28% to 43%. For this offering, there is about a 33% discount for a 15 gram purchase (over the price I paid), which I’d tell you is actually a better discount than what I observed through the Weedmaps data.

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