Today we look at Skosha Lemon Dory, or Lemon Nigerian, as grown by Breathing Green Solutions.

I bought this late last year, didn’t process the review until now. You can probably take that as a sign, there isn’t really anything thrilling going on here.

Bought this from the only store in Alberta that offers delivery, Alberta Cannabis, for $32. I saw this weekend the store now has this on for $16 and change, so thought I’d post the review. I think if I were to see this at $16, I might have felt better about it, expectations tend to differ above and below $20 an eighth.

Quick highlights are given below, and I’ve copied the qualitative portion from page 5 of the slideshow to the body of this post, think it works better for people reading this on mobile.


Looks are greater than aroma. and looks are just ok.

Price is upper tier of the mid-range.

Quality ends up on the low side of average. 

Buyer Motivation

Requested via a poll on


Visuals are about standard. Good bud size, and uniform throughout the package. Coverage doesn’t wow, but that isn’t necessarily a reliable measure. The stigma seems more prominent on this bud, more reddish, or perhaps shifted by the rather desaturated green tones. Trim is ok, and the upper surface of the flower has been maintained.


Somewhat dry, but does impress. The morphology of the flower leans a bit looser, so the moisture content is welcome, otherwise it would crumble.


Scents are lemon glow, slightly metallic, on a sweet candied reduction. The lemon is more sweet than tart and the candy seems to be opposite, more tart than sweet. The base of the profile is made up of cool chocolate earths, with the sweet skunky tone it feels very much like Wappa.


Frontage on the tastes are clean lemon, but it doesn’t last long. The profile quickly fades into green tones; spiced pine, honey and fresh herb. The shift is immediate but the base profile has good longevity. 

Value Statement

Price was $32 for the eighth, or $9 and change per gram. Your pain tolerance may vary, I see this price as the upper tier of the mid-range.


Adequacy in the visual column ends up being overshadowed by lack of character in the long term. Overall quality was average, or below.

Consumer Benefits

Nice visuals. Accessible price point. New ‘strain name’.

Consumer Pains

Lack of olfactory character.


Base price for the low end brand, pay a lower rate here before buying their $17/g offerings.


Lineage and true strain name is not apparent at all vendors, some may wonder what this is.

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