Hey, checking back in on this grow.

Quick refresh: this is a small aquaponic grow of some f1 regulars. We’re still looking early in the total flower time, perhaps just approaching the half way mark.

I told you at the start of this it was cheap and cheerful. So we went cheap, now we’re reaping what we’ve sown, let’s be cheerful about it.

What’s going right?

The plants are fairly healthy, growing well.

With all the males removed, the count is down to three plants only; I like to refer to them as ‘tall girl’ and the ‘twins’.

Tall girl is stretchy; I stripped her lowers earlier because another plant was occluding the light. Much of her base resides beneath the trellis, poking out at the corner of the tub and reaching towards the light.

The twins appear similar morphologically. I topped them early on, both have produced multiple branches and appear to be maturing at a similar rate.

Scent is up in the air still. I was getting a fresh tennis ball scent from the twins early on; a few weeks later the composition seems more funky.

Estimating yield, there are 14 good terminal ends that will yield flower. If each of these ends yield 5 grams, rub-a-dub-dub, we’re looking at at least 70 g from this tub.

What’s going wrong?

The canopy is uneven. We wanted a linear canopy, parallel to the floor; or maybe even convex, like a muffin top. What I amounted to was really the opposite of that, this canopy makes a U shape.  I tend to blame this on having to sex the plant while they were growing in this setup. In retrospect, if achieving an even canopy was paramount, I should’ve started from all female clones, evenly spaced throughout the medium and light.

Some of the leafs are wilting at the edges, possibly some type of nutrient deficiency. I’m not adding any nutrients for this grow, just riding it out. These plants are just living off of the aquarium water, piped in from the bio filter within the aquarium.

Aphids have populated this grow. Last year the area I live in had a day where there were so many aphids around you’d swallow them if you weren’t careful. One year later, I’m still in a goat rodeo with these things. Ladybird beetles (Lady Bugs) have done a good job with knock-down & prevention in my main grow. Here, I’ve made a daily ritual of picking them off and flicking them into the fish tank, whilst being cheerful about it.

Is this even worth it?

I think so, but I already had the required materials laying around.

Barriers to entry on this process are the light and the genetics; they cost the most. If you don’t have a fish tank already, that could be another barrier. Space is the third one, you need to have an area where you don’t mind putting up with the light, and the smell. 

A setup like this will save you on aquarium cleaning, if you have a space, seeds, a light and a running tank; . I’d call it worth it from that angle. Growing cannabis is an added benefit, but you could really grow anything here.

In terms of using a setup like this to grow out F1 regulars; this was dumb. Started out with over 10, I thought I was going to grow 5 or so, ended up with 3. I feel like my attempt at variety affected the canopy, and therefore, overall yield. Yeah, I’ll get to know some phenotypes; only by taste. Next time I’ll use clones for this grow.

Thanks for reading this post. I’ll check back with another update as these are done flowering. 


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