Hey thanks for joining me for this review.

Usually the cannabis I review under the home grow category was gifted to me by another grower. This time it’s cannabis I grew.

These flowers are from a cross I did last summer, a In House Genetics Silky Johnson F2 male against a Karma Genetics’ CookieWreck x Biker Kush female (collaborative cross with Cannaventure).


For the first run, I grew several small plants in lava rock, over a fish tank. Grow difficulty was easy. Several mistakes were made and a few lessons were learned. You can read further about the grow here.

Now that the flowers are dried and cured, I’ll review the scent and taste for the 3 plants that finished.


In summary, 2/3 plants were similar in taste profile (#1, & #3); both have better expanse and less magnitude. I wouldn’t necessarily prefer either based on their structure and how easy they were to trim.

The winner was plant #2; it flowered quicker, and yielded more. I’d tell you its taste profile is more interesting, what it lacks in expanse, it makes up for in magnitude.

Plant 1

Scents are a gassy mixture of sweet fruit. The top side fruit blends with mid range pine, giving it a tropical feel, like a punchy banana. The profile is upturned, and friendly, but doesn’t travel well; pronunciation is on the low side. 


Tastes are a smear of citrus and dirty gas. The profile downturns away from the citrus topside, creating the bottom of the profile out of some pines, vanilla geraniums and sweet earths. The pine fuel mixture creates an interesting resinous note, which defines the character of the profile, everything else falls secondary to lend balance.

Plant 2

Scents are a well balanced mix of pine, lemon and petrol. The profile is poignant, there’s not a lot of extraneous character or secondary notes to bring it elsewhere— it has tastes like a traditional OG Kush. Magnitude is good, expanse is not, but it has enough presence that I wouldn’t complain.


Heat brings a floral aspect into the citrus tastes, slightly bitter, bridging the pine/fuel midrange with the top end of the profile. The base showcases fuel, which brings grit to the dank earths and near berry fringe. Pronunciation on the top side is great, at first, but the notes give way to highlight the heavier low end.

Plant 3

Scents are creamy floral pine, citrus mixture on the frontage, with continuity into the mid-range, where the floral notes take more of the limelight. The pine top notes bleed into vanillas and minty earths located at the bottom.


Frontage is sweet pine floral, very green. Midrange is creamy pine, which transitions into the sweetened earths. Character resides in the sweet side, which is contrasted by shades of pine that make up the secondary notes.

Future Grows

The grow started as a way to get to know these F1 seeds. I started 10 or so, and ended up finishing 3. I had problems with spacing, and canopy coverage. The yield was low overall.

When I try this grow again, I’ll use one or two clones instead of the regular seeds. This should allow me to control the canopy during vegetation and get a better yield.


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