A couple of years ago I had an In House Genetics’ Silky Johnson F2 plant that grew really big and strong, turned out to be male, so I let it pollenate the entire space, and all the other plants I was growing.

One of the female plants was a Black Cherry Punch x Jelly Breath Bx1 freebie seed, also by In House Genetics.

Grew a few of the resulting seeds out, and flowered a single plant, which yielded a couple ounces.

I pressed about 20 grams of the flower into some rosin, and will do a quick review of how it smells, and tastes.


Scent is sweet berry, with thin tart frontage that has a slight upturned funk into some tropical fruit. Midrange is earthy wood, with calming spice. Character is bright and melodic.


Tastes are deeply sweet berry, and the depths bring in dark molasses and tobacco, which plays against the fresh pine and resinous agarwood tones that also appear. Character is darker than the scents would suggest, flavours seem more matured, and move slower.


Longer Press

I also pressed a second amount of this flower, this time for about 1 minute longer.

The rosin yielded was darker in colour, and the flavours were different. Yield was larger.

In the longer press, I found the earths more prominent, and the tart berry less refined, more sour.

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