Taking a look at Silver Surfer today.  


Blue Dream x Super Silver Haze

Buyer Motivation



Great visuals. Conical buds that taper at both ends. Good structure. Purple tips and acceptable coverage. Gets a little frilly around the skirt with the trim, but nothing ragged.


Pretty good, these buds are dense so they impress only so far.


Bright, uplifting fruit, tied down by heavy vanilla sweets


The flavour profile is vanilla centred, with secondary notes of crisp fruit, and silky smooth earths.

Value Statement

Price was $6.81 per gram. By the single gram it’s good enough to be a good deal, but you don’t have to worry something’s wrong with it. By the ounce, it’s under $200, still a pretty good deal.


Makes a great impression. Bright, sweet flavours coming though clear usually do.

Consumer Benefits

Top notch value. Fair price for the quality, which is excellent.

Consumer Pains

Not buying more. No scaling bulk discounts. Some might get picky on the trim.


Blue Dream lineage. Marvel comics. Fans of alliteration.


Legacy vendor payment options or licence status.

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