Shishkaberry (No. 402 Blueberry Kush) by TerrAscend (Haven St.)

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Looking at No.402 Blueberry Kush today, by TerrAscend, which they sell under their brand called Haven St.

Our first review of a TerrAscend product was the improperly named Hanna Haze, which we discovered was probably a Sweet Skunk. I was tolerant during the first review, but you only get one from me, welcome to the second review.

Let’s check the stats for this listing.

Active content range for No 402 spans from 10% to 20% THC with negligible THC. My particular package arrived at 16.4% THC, slightly on the high side of the average for cannabinoid content.

This Blueberry Kush was produced in a specialty indoor facility in Ontario. Date packaged was October 29th 2018, and I’m going to review it, 209 days later.

This is listed as No. 402 Blueberry Kush, but then the listing shows Shishkaberry as the cultivar. Not sure if it’s intentionally disruptive, but it’s such a massive error I have a tendency to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Either way, the naming is confusing at best. I’m not really sure what I’m spending my money on and practices/mistakes like this detracts, heavily, from the value Haven St. offers, if any.

Relative terpene graph at the vendor cites this as myrcene dominant (41% of all terpenes) with a A/B pinene and caryophyllene roughly tying for the secondary terpene. At first glance, this looks close to the terpene profile for a kush (which, turns out, I’m wrong about).

The description calls is a ‘bouquet of sweet berry’ with ‘earthy floral(s)’ that ‘may entice and intrigue’ consumers ‘creating a euphoric state of sedating calm and a restful nights sleep’. So not only will we be enticed, we also have some intrigue to look forward to. Euphoric intrigue, capable of propelling the user into a state of tranquillity, so deep, it becomes narcoleptic. Sounds dangerous.

Alright, let’s review whatever this is. Trust, I am sitting down.

Visuals are substandard. My single gram arrived as two buds, one larger, one smaller, and some dusty shake. The largest bud has standard looks from afar. Up close, the seeds hanging out the sides are readily observable, quelling any positive regard for the visuals.

Moisture content feels low. Although the largest bud looks relatively good, it can be crushed by hand with little force.

Grinds largely to a fine powder. It was not a problem to find lots of stuff to zoom into. Smokers beware. This will go quick in the vape, which I’d argue doesn’t detract from the experience. But I’d be a fool to try to roll with this.

Scent is almost non-existent. You get the slight outline of a berry’s pucker, no accompanying sweets or tarts. Faint and one dimensional, there’s more character in the crumbs at the bottom of your weed drawer.

Flavours aren’t even worth writing about. Tart notes appear in staccato with some faint skunk smear, that’s it. To me, it’s obviously the Shishkaberry (probably WeedMD) but, by far, the most pathetic version I’ve ever seen. Lacks any berry or kush notes, but also lacking any Shishkaberry notes too.

Pronunciation is thoroughly disappointing, longevity is extremely minimal.

Price on this single gram was $12.99, high side of the average price for a nothing product, labeled at random. I don’t even need to say anything, those trying this product will be able to see the difference, even those who may not know, or care about, the difference between Shishkaberry or Blueberry Kush.

Consumers should be really skeptical of what they read here, this is one person’s opinion. Test me. Grab the Blueberry Kush from CannTrust and the Shishkaberry from Zenabis. Do them side by side. You’ll know what cultivar this ‘402 Blueberry Kush’ is, and see that the deficiencies in the TerrAscend product are overt. At best, it’s a gutless imposter.

Dude. We’re just going through the motions at this point. We’re checking price around the country below, but we’ve also looped in the competing products noted above (and others). At quick glance, most of the competition is cheaper.

No 402 Blueberry Kush, or Shishkaberry. Quality was bottom of the barrel. Execution seems to be either a colossal mistake or, worse, downright dishonest— in a market where there are at least 3 other competitors selling a synonymous and superior product, that can also meet a basic level of transparency.

Anyways, I’ve got one more TerrAscend product to do, it gets a bit better, so look for that in the future.

Thanks for reading, check you later for a better one : /

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