Zenabis’ version of Shishkaberry offers punchy flavours with somewhat decent visuals occluded by a lazy trim.

Today we look at our second Shishkaberry, this time it’s produced by Zenabis, sold through a brand they call Namaste.

There are many copies of Shishkaberry. When approaching one, it helps to know the breeder. Ideally, we could trace this listing to the original creator, Spice of Life.

When we reviewed Sundial’s production of Shishkaberry previously, I was able to trace it back to WeedMD but not to the breeding source. Like the previously reviewed version, I’d guess this is another rendition of WeedMD’s cultivar, but I didn’t really bother checking.

The actual Shishkaberry is a Blueberry, Afghan cross by Spice of Life. Here’s is Breeder Steve’s description of the original cultivar. Unfortunately, I can’t be sure if the original is similaror different to what we review here today.

So let’s continue with this review of this cannabis called Shishkaberry. This particular container was packaged January 16 2019, has 13.7% THC and a negligible amount of CBD.

Visuals lean below average. Although the shape of these buds is pleasing, the trim left on the bud borders on inexcusable, especially for this morphology, 20% more effort would have made it look 80% better.

Tactile stimuli is a bit lacking. Brittle towards the outside, the flowers lack the malleability of something I’d regard with good moisture content, but are not unforgivingly dry. They are easily compressed by a pinch and maintain shape.

Check the grinds, I’d say they don’t win any awards for the best or the worst.

Scent of these flowers showcases some strong berry notes on the frontage. Projection isn’t the greatest but there is a fair amount of presence here.

Flavours are sweet berry with a hefty amount of back end zest, it’s surprisingly punchy. Slight earths balance out the profile but the composition is so well blended they are almost undetectable. The profile interprets bouncy and cheerful with a fair bit of sweetness to balance out the tart flavours.

This Shishkaberry was priced $11.99 per single gram at the Alberta Cannabis provincial online store, or a 12% premium above my current average purchase price per gram ($10.71). I feel value is low here; but much of my disappointment comes from the genetic selection. I personally had a better experience with Sundial’s rendition of Shishka-Calm, but neither really met my preference.

By my read, the Shishkaberry prices I can find are just above average– not high, but not that attractive either, they’re mid-range.

For those not steered by genetics, I still can’t make a case to buy Zenabis Shishkaberry. Your store prices may vary, but I feel you can get better quality for less money from San Rafael ’71 brand. This is also priced around the 7ACRES Wappa ($12 per gram) which is worlds above the quality seen here.

I find it hard to say anything good about this Shishkaberry. At best, it is a somewhat decent version of someone else’s cultivar that nobody took the time to trim properly. You’d buy it if you didn’t look at it first, or if there wasn’t anything else in stock. Fits the basic qualification that it is weed, but not much beyond that.

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