Hey-o, pancake here. Thanks for joining me today for this review of Shark Shock or Sierra by HEXO.

Much of the benefit I perceived about this particular offering is in the price and content statistics. In terms of my purchase history, this offering errs on the high side of the content average, and on the low side of the price average. That’s about it, the rest is my subjective opinion, which I would fully disregard if I were you.

I completed this review in September, in the context of the entire scope of cannabis I’ve seen, Sierra is entirely forgettable. In my memory, it’s a rung above utility cannabis at competitive prices. I called the tactile feel impressive, but it failed to create a lasting sentiment in my mind. So maybe it felt good, but if it didn’t perform, who cares?

While I wouldn’t say Sierra is of memorable character, I would say it has value in the consumer market. If you want to be swept off your feet, you’re in for a sad story. Sierra’s going to have you home by 9, with a peck on the cheek. Safe and reliable. Sierra will be there, date after date; might get to 2nd base. but there’s little chance of hitting 3rd, and you can forget about home. There’s no way Sierra’s going to knock over your back-catcher to make the run count. Entirely recommendable, for someone new to cannabis. If you want to live a little, the break in price may not meet your fancy. 

There we go, Shark Shock. Decent numbers, there rest you gotta make up yourself.

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