Sensi Star by Zenabis (Namaste)

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Doing a Sensi Star today, one of four Sensi Stars at the store.

Since my first review of a Zenabis product, I’ve noticed a substantial increase in listing counts of Zenabis products across the country. Not sure how this review will go, but before we get into it, let’s give Zenabis the proverbial wink and gun. What up Zenabis? I see you working it.

Bred by Paradise Seeds, Sensi Star is a staple of Canadian legal cannabis, it’s one of the more commonly listed cultivars.

The 7ACRES version seems to be the one to beat, but priced at $14.00 per gram (on, it leaves room for value competition. We’ve looked poorer quality version of Sensi Star from Acreage Pharms priced at $13.99 per single gram. And now, we’ll go down in price an additional dollar to the Zenabis version, priced at $12.99 per single gram.

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