Sensi Star by Acreage Pharms1 min read

Acreage Pharms surprises with a great offering of Paradise Seeds’ Sensi Star. With formidable structure and strong character, this flower is markedly better than the three Acreage Pharms products we previously reviewed.

So here we are, once again in the competitive Paradise Seeds market section. One source, fairly tight variation, lots of duplicate cultivars and ferocious competition. We’ve reviewed three of Acreage Pharms’ offerings previously, all were lacking in large failures seen elsewhere, like foreign growth or seeds, but made up for it with forgettable character and disappointing structure. We review the Acreage Pharms Sensi Star today, which is priced the same as the 7ACRES Sensi Star and thus, has a large possibility of competing like a bleeding lamb in shark infested waters. Let’s take a look.

As mentioned, we’ve reviewed Sensi Star previously, check back to see the photos, information on lineage and musings on price. The review was my first purchase at the $14 per gram price point, you can read that I have some sticker shock, a feeling that decreased when I became aquatinted with the value proposition 7ACRES offers, and experiencing the quality of some of its competitors.

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