Looking at an unbranded Screwhead OG here today.

After doing the StratCann call with Dunn, I was interested in trying the Island Pink Screwhead, and the parents, which are Island Pink, and this Screwhead OG.

I try to review based on price and quality only, not on vendor satisfaction. For this review, I was shorted half the amount I paid for, so you’ll see some comments about that included below. For instance, I reflected the amount I received in the price paid per gram, but whether I felt good or bad about being shorted doesn’t make it into the review.

Buyer Motivation

Wanted to get an unlicensed datapoint for this offering.


Sharply peaked buds, nearly coming to a right angle on two of them. Trim is rougher, some crows feet and errant stem are present. Coverage and colouring is standard.


Feel is firm to outwardly dry; the edges of this bud are crispy.


Scents are typical pine/fuel/citrus with a resinous chemical aspect that adds bulk to the topside. Character is fierce, near electric.


Frontage on the tastes are fuel, citrus, and pine with slight floral chemical that becomes much more prevalent on the exhale, and characterizes the leave. There’s not much of a low side to it besides a greasy aspect that shows up in the fuel frontage. Feels like an OG Kush on the front end but it’s finish is more near a chemdawg.

Value Statement

Listing price was $6.99 per gram, which is attractive. I only received half of what I ordered so the price I paid was $13.98 per gram.


Quality being acceptably standard, the profile has some aggressive elements, and lacks friendly tastes, that’s the impression I’d relate. Some may prefer something more pleasant.

Consumer Benefits

Had I received my entire order, I’d say price was good for the quality received. There’s also some extra factor if you’re a fan of Screwhead specifically.

Consumer Pains

At this price point I think you can be picky about the trim and petiole.


Name. Price.


Vendor stuff like payment options. Being shorted half the order and offered points that you’ll never be back to use.

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