Looking at a live resin product today, this is Aurora’s San Rafael ’71 OG Chemdawg.

The description calls this a hydrocarbon extraction, butane or propane is a typical solvent for this type of product. And it’s a live resin, which leads us to believe that the flower used to create this product was frozen when the plant was cut down. 


The product is a mix of crystallized solid and viscous liquid. The liquid tends to cling to the solids, it doesn’t run free within the container. Colour is amber throughout. 


Consistency is wet, I wouldn’t pick this up by hand. Tools required.


Frontage is sweet fruity chem. Has presence but doesn’t bite too hard with chemical pungency, most of it is sweet fruit.


Tastes are an earthy chemical garble with somewhat gassy bite. Secondary notes are sweet varnish, which bings some depth to the profile.


Price was $52.99 per gram. This is the first live resin review I’ve performed but you can loosely compare this with other hydrocarbon products like shatter or diamonds; keep in mind the post processing may differ because this is a ‘live’ product.


Leaves a great impression, I’d say. Depth of flavour isn’t the same you’d get from flower, but there is a high amount of flavours which are present. And the product is very strong.


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