Hey pancakenap here, we’re looking at Paradise Seeds’ Delahaze. This is a live resin product, sold under the San Rafael ’71 brand.

This product was available in Alberta summer of 2021. San Rafael also offers a Pink Kush, but I waited too long to get that, and it’s sold out everywhere, so that’s why we’re reviewing Delahaze.


We’re reviewing a 1 gram package, and the price at the Value Buds I purchased it at was $40.97.


Appears darker than the San Rafael ’71 OG Chemdawg I reviewed previously.

Liquid consistency (looks like), with small crystals throughout.

I found the amount provided visually unappealing, looked like a small blob in a big container.


Scents are woodsy, overbalanced with citrus with grace notes of strong chlorophyll and subtle vanilla.


Tastes are sandalwood with oily lemon and pine. Soft fruits provide some sweeter elements to contrast the profile.

Found this version to be more representative of Delahaze’s woodsy haze aspect, and less of the fruity aspect. 


I found the effects really strong. Calling it ‘cerebrally invigorating’ wouldn’t be enough.

I learned it’s best to use it once and put it down, but I made this handy chart for what to expect from multiple uses:



Price leans below average for this product type. Store was about 20% cheaper than the provincial retailer.

Strong Haze tastes. More wood than fruit.

Looks like it will go quick, and it does.



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